It’s Just Tuna…

It’s Just Tuna…that’s what I thought until I read the bottom of the can. Eating is so complicated. The first thing I noticed was the invitation to not drain the tuna (no photo, but really, fish in a can is visually unappetizing, and the liquid may be the most unappealing part). But I left it in and […]

Hearts Trained in Greed

Hearts trained in greed…some phrases you can’t get out of your head. Our men’s Bible Study is in 2 Peter and this phrase is used in chapter 2 verse 14 to describe false teachers. But there may not be a more apt phrase that would sum up and characterize American Chrisitianity’s biggest problem. Our hearts […]

Global Warming

Read this article from the London Times entitled: An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change. Another post I need to write is how conservative political philosophy in America has come to be regarded as Christian philosophy. The environment is one of those areas that we have given over, and given up on […]