God is not a King

A longstanding conversation in theology has to do with how we know things about God and how we describe what we “know” about God. One way this has been stated in theological circles is “all of our knowledge about God is analogical.” I have used the phrase: “all theology is analogy” many times in conversations. […]

Temple Blog Podcast: John 6:60-71

This is the sermon from July 3, 2011 from John 6:60-71. Here is a question that I received from a listener to this podcast: Reverend, I listened to your sermon from July 3rd and I wonder what you would say to someone who has sincerely sought God and simply says that they do not believe? […]

Theology Thursday: Justification

Today’s topic is Justification. Calvin said that “the subject of justification…is the principle hinge by which religion is supported…for unless we first of all apprehend in what situation we stand with respect to God, an dwhat his judgment is concerning us, we have no foundation either for certainty of salvation, or for the exercise of […]

Doctrine Nazi

I think I am a Doctrine Nazi (kudos to Jerry Seinfeld) I asked my wife tonight if it was inappropriate for me to call myself a “Trinity Nazi” on the blog because I freak out when people misrepresent important doctrines like the Trinity.  She said: “Do you mean that you care about getting doctrine right? then […]

Theology Thursday: Regeneration

Ok, this is going to be a quick post… Thursday mornings are theology morning for me.  I am walking through Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem with Tony, our hispanic pastor. He is the best.  I am learning how to be a mature Christian from him, he is learning the ins and outs of theology from […]

Please Convince Me Podcast

I am always on the look out for good listening material and was pleased to find the “Please Convince Me” podcast. Read the text of my email that I sent in response to comments made on Podcast #162 entitled Does Jesus Possess the Nature of God.  The host of the program is James Warner Wallace […]

Theology on Thursday: Nature of Man

Every Thursday morning I meet with our hispanic Pastor Tony to read and discuss Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.  We are presently in chapter 23 covering “The Essential Nature of Man.”  (Feel free to join us, Starbucks on Ethanac at 7:30 am). What does the Scripture mean by “soul” and “spirit”?  Are they the same thing? […]

Gospel Definition

In our men’s Bible Study we have been working on a definition fo the gospel that we can say comes purely from the book of Galatians. Here is what we came up with: The true gospel* is the fulfillment of Gods promise to Abraham to justify all nations** through faith in Jesus Christ*** and live […]

Resurrection Resources

In light of the upcoming Easter holiday here is some excellent resource material for your listening and reading enjoyment with regard to the resurrection of Jesus. Christian apologist Gary Habermas who teaches at Liberty University is a lifelong student and author with regard to the resurrection.  He has written 27+ books, most on the resurrection, […]

The Right Terms: Immutability & Truth

I am currently walking through Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology with our Hispanic Pastor. We meet every week to tackle a chapter. I picked Grudem because he is a little easier to consume than say Shedd or even Berkhof, but covers the bases. I generally like Grudem but have this critique after today’s reading. We are […]