Book Review: Junkyard Wisdom

Roy Goble is my friend. The first day I met him, I hated him. We met in 1977 as incoming freshman at Westmont College. He is a Giants fan; I bleed Dodger blue. One of the first things we did together was play catch. We have done a lot of things together since then and […]

No, They Don’t Happen in Threes.

Whenever famous people die it comes up. “Things happen in threes.” It is called “triaphilia” – an obsession with three. But, really, they don’t. Is it David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey? Or do we include: Clarence Reid, R&B Singer known as “Blowfly” Mic Gillette of Tower of Power Lemmy Dale “Buffin” Griffin Celine […]

Murder in a Small Town

Yesterday two people out for a walk on a familiar stretch of Nuevo, a mother and daughter, were brutally stabbed to death. We are exposed to murder in abundance in our culture:  Real murders on the news, dramatic portrayals on television, in movies, in books, in music, in video games.  It is pervasive. When it […]


If you have tried to make a comment on the blog and were unable to do so, my apologies.  You should be able to freely make comments now.  Please do.

An Open Letter To All Americans

This letter was written by “Religious Leaders” to “All Americans.” In light of my post yesterday entitled “An Evangelical Papacy?” I thought it would be appropriate to comment on this letter – not so much on its content and whether or not I would sign or agree with it, but rather the relationship between this […]

New Look

Here is a new look for The Temple.  Don’t know if it will be semi-permanent, but let me know how you like it….

Politicians are Not Leaders

Politicians are not leaders. This is not a disputable statement.  Politicians are driven by public opinion, self interest, and those who fill the coffers with cash. This is the challenge of democracy.  Madison wrote “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people is a chimerical idea.”   […]

Questions for God

Our Sunday night gathering here at NCC is called “The Well” and for the summer we have been doing a question and answer format covering apologetic, theological, social, personal and biblical categories.  Here are some of the questions from the last few weeks: What is absolutely necessary for salvation? Is saying the prayer enough? How […]

Islam is a Dangerous Religion?

The Christian Post published an article entitled  ‘Islam Is a Dangerous Religion,’ Most American Pastors Say using data provided by Lifeway Research.  See also this article by Ed Stetzer entitled Protestant Pastors and Islam. Just for the record, I don’t think Islam is a dangerous religion.  Wrong yes, dangerous no. I believe that religion (for […]