The Independent Living Center of Southern California is dedicated to providing the services which offer the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence, while educating the community.

Path to Independence

For over 43 years the ILCSC has been assisting People with Disabilities of all ages to gain the skills they need to reach new levels of independence in life through the ILCSC program of services.

Skills, Training, Opportunity = Hope for the Future

A lasting legacy

For over 43 Years, Providing Support and Resources for Independent Living. This commitment to serve the community and people in need is exemplified by our founder, Norma Jean Vescovo, who recently retired.

Bright & Hopeful Future

A vibrant committed staff and new leadership looks to lead ILCSC into a future of helping the many people in Glendale; Burbank; the San Fernando Valley; Santa Clarita; Lancaster; and Northern Los Angeles County.

Real Help - REal Hope

Our services are designed to empower clients. Vocational goals are important, however all of our classes encourage socialization skills, proper behavior in and out of the workplace, self-advocacy, as well as other skills which are helpful for independence in every aspect of life.

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With Offices in Van Nuys and Lancaster our reach is wide. 

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