Shaping the Soul

Ancient Temples were structures attempting to connect the realm of God with the realm of humans. An intersection of sorts. At this intersection the image of God is revealed. It ultimately is the place where we become better humans as we encounter our true image. This temple is a meeting place where we experience acceptance and have the freedom to ask hard questions without judgment, and recognize that answers to those questions aren’t the end of the matter. 


Bible Study guides, Discipleship materials, Leadership Training courses so you don't have to reinvent the wheel, or we can do a consult to create some personalized options.

Spiritual Construction

Spiritual development is a complex process, and you may have changed since your formative years and need a remodeling job, or you may just be starting out and need some direction and perspective.


Ministry can be a lonely place - either because you are in a small ministry or feel vulnerable in a larger context. The Temple Blog offers a safe place to vent, brainstorm, ask hard questions, or spill your guts.