12 Months to a Better Family: Identity

The first task for Family development matches the first task for Personal development.  It is an identity task.  So we turn to a passage of Scripture that has as its focus our primary “family” attachment, the book of Galatians.  The reason we start here is that much of parenting today has to do with behavior […]

Gospel Definition

In our men’s Bible Study we have been working on a definition fo the gospel that we can say comes purely from the book of Galatians. Here is what we came up with: The true gospel* is the fulfillment of Gods promise to Abraham to justify all nations** through faith in Jesus Christ*** and live […]

Galatians Bible Study

Our Men’s Bible Study has been exploring the book of Galatians.  Our focus has been primarily on defining the gospel.  Study along with us, find attached two PDF documents that we have been using in our study: What is the Gospel? Galatians 3